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OKX EXCHANGE REVIEW   09th of June , 2022

Okx is one of the best crypto trading exchange platform for fixed and flexible staking rewards. Formerly known as Okex, it's platform provide a conducive place to trade crypto spot and derivatives such as bitcoin.

Okx was founded by Star Xu in 2017 to provide spot, margin, futures, options, perpetual swap trading, Defi, lending and mining services with total security. The various security options here are the authenticator app,(Google) 2FA (two factor authentication - provided by phone) and anti-phishing code option sent to email address. In an event of emergency, users have the option of freezing the account. Also standard device management and login history can be done on OKX user interface. These security features are quite similar to those provided by binance.

However, Okx offers 1-4.5% fixed and flexible staking rewards for bitcoin.<\p>

Fixed Staking rewards are investments kept in an investment portfolio (or wallet) over an agreed period of time (such as 7, 21, 30, 90 or 360 days) so as to earn simple or compound interest within that period. While Flexible staking are investments kept on a daily bases in an investment portfolio in other to earn simple interests. .

Other Cryto staking rewards offered by Okx include:

List of Okx Best Staking Rewards
S/No Cryptocurrency % Reward Type
1 Eth 2.0 4.2 Flexible
2 BTC 1.75-4.25 Fixed
3 Bora 38 Fixed (30)
4 AXS 7 Flexible
5 TRX 10 Flexible

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