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BITCOIN REMAINS BEARISH AS PRICE FALLS BELOW $10,000 IN 24 HOURS.  by E. Okorie, 15th of July , 2019

The price of bitcoin made history yesterday by making another year low below $9943.12. Sequel to the event that occurred the early days in July, the price of bitcoin failed to break the $13,200 resistance benchmark level which led to a reverse in the trend movement. The $10,800 support was tested, and broken with ease and within twenty four (24) hours, the price of bitcoin fell and lost over $1500 in value. Technically, bitcoin has not been stable after attaining the $13,000 all year high for some days.

There have been some speculation going on that bitcoin may obtain another all time high and this have triggered prospective investors to put in more keen interest in cryptocurrency. Despite the current downward trend, investors eye various level support levels to enter the market. Nevertheless, the current downward trend seems to be dominating the market and may break the current $9,070 support level. If this level fails, we may experience a long bearish trend for this month.

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