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BEST BITCOIN ADVERTISING NETWORK - A-ads  by E. Okorie, 3rd of September , 2021

The best and current number one bitcoin advertising network for publishers and advertisers is A-ads). Formally called Anonymous Advertising, A-ads, founded in 2011 is the complete solution for Publishers as well as advertisers who wish to promote their brand, website or services with privacy. It is a unique Advertising platform that have the interest of users for optimum results and compete to be (if not already) better than google ad network.

Main Features for Advertisers include

  • A-ads advance tracking with token, peerclick, Google analytics, Adsbridge or voluum
  • Audience Targeting and Advertising categories options
  • CPM, CPA and CPD Campaign modules (Cost per Mile, Cost per Action and Cost per Day
  • User friendly Console/ interface
  • Enhanced Secure login with google, social media or email authentication
  • Unique visitor impression reading
  • Multiple Ad Servers with backup systems (100% uptime)
  • Realtime statistics on all views, unique visitor and clicks on campaigns
  • Another reason to choose A-ads Advertising is their excellent customer service. The support team is ready to assist users whenever called upon. A unique system bot logs everys complaints and sends it to a dedicated personnel who treats all complaint judiciously. The level of commitment is quite impressive and highly commendable.

    Main Features for Publishers include:

  • Unique visitor impression reading
  • Extra revenue through referrals and affiliate program
  • Express withdrawal with no fees via bitcoin into individual wallets or micro payment systems such as faucetpay or Express Crypto
  • Easy customizable adcode with less load on webpage via iframe
  • Realtime statistics on all views, unique visitor and clicks on adcode/ banners
  • A-ads wordpress plugins
  • Consequently, A-ads has proven over the years to be the number one choice for advertisers who wish to have their privacy as well as showcase their ideas, opinions, products and services via banner advertising. With various options to choose under various categories, each advertising reach various targeted users seamlessly. Hence A-ads is definitely the best bitcoin advertising network in 2021

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