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KRAKEN EXCHANGE REVIEW   09th of June , 2022

Kraken is a U.S based cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2011 by Payward Inc. They provide quality service in cryptocurrency trading and exchange in U.S and over 178 countries. About 95 different cryptocurrency can be traded here with moderate fees and limits. It has a vast option for fixed and flexible staking cryptocurrency option.

Unfortunately, Kraken offers 0.25% flexible staking rewards for bitcoin.<\p>

Fixed Staking rewards are investments kept in an investment portfolio (or wallet) over an agreed period of time (such as 7, 21, 30, 90 or 360 days) so as to earn simple or compound interest within that period. While Flexible staking are investments kept on a daily bases in an investment portfolio in other to earn simple interests. .

Kraken exchange takes security a major priority. Its main security features include the standard 2FA ( two factor authentication), global setting lock, SMS account recovery, realtime monitoring and surveillance of account for suspicious activity, zero settlement risk and no chargeback fraud when trading crypto. Furthermore, all information of users are encrypted and 95% of all deposit are kept offline using Safecoin and NFT storage facility.

Other Cryto staking rewards offered by Kraken include:

List of Kraken Best Staking Rewards
S/No Cryptocurrency % Reward Type
1 KAVA 23 Fixed (7)
2 KUSAMA 18 Fixed (7)
3 POLKADOT 12 Fixed (7)
4 COSMOS 12 Fixed (7)
5 MINA 12-20 Fixed (7)

The major positive feedback on Kraken exchange is that it has never been hacked or being through legal battles with individuals except with the united state government.

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