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BLOCKCHAIN.COM EXCHANGE REVIEW   6th of June , 2022 is one of the world leading bitcoin wallet providers as it gives an avenue for users to store their bitcoin and exchange crypto with reduced fees. The more users trade on its platform, the lower the fees for each transaction. Founded in 2011 by Benjamin Reeves, Nicolas Cary and Peter Smith in 2011, is assumed to be the safest place to invest bitcoin. Furthermore, the blockchain explorer was created here which is one of the foundations of bitcoin.

The current staking rewards for is 3.5% for Bitcoin over a minimum period of 30days (Fixed staking rewards)

Fixed Staking rewards are investments kept in an investment portfolio (or wallet) over an agreed period of time (such as 7, 21, 30, 90 or 360 days) so as to earn simple or compound interest within that period. While Flexible staking are investments kept on a daily bases in an investment portfolio in other to earn simple interests. .

Other Cryto staking rewards offered by include:

List of Best Staking Rewards
S/No Cryptocurrency % Reward Type
1 Eth 4 Fixed (30)
2 Tether 11 Fixed (30)
3 USDCOIN 11 Fixed (30)
4 DAI 11 Fixed (30)
5 Polkadot 7.5 Fixed (30)
6 CeloEuro 12 Fixed (30)
7 LTC 2.8 Fixed (30)

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