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BINANCE EXCHANGE REVIEW   28th of May , 2022

Binance is one of the top bitcoin exchange companies in the world by volume and trades and was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. It provides a market place for users to trade over 600 cryptocurrenies. It also have a simple user interface for saving and staking various cryptocurrencies with fixed and flexible staking rewards.

Fixed Staking rewards are investments kept in an investment portfolio (or wallet) over an agreed period of time (such as 7, 21, 30, 90 or 360 days) so as to earn simple or compound interest within that period. While Flexible staking are investments kept on a daily bases in an investment portfolio in other to earn simple interests. .

Binance has a unique user interface and suitable environment for staking bitcoin with a backup insurance company to secure/ return assets in an event of a hack. This is known as SAFU - Secure access fund for users. In this fund 10% of all trading fees are stored here. Binance also use end to end encryption for all transactions and data. Furthermore, users can used an advance access control to restrict devices and addresses that can access individual account. In summary, Binance is a relatively safe exchange site with multiple servers accross the globe.

Other Cryto staking rewards offered by binance include:

List of Binance Best Staking Rewards
S/No Cryptocurrency % Reward Type
1 AXS 20 Flexible
2 BUSD 10 Flexible
3 ETH 2.0 5.2 Fixed
4 BTC 5 Flexible
5 USDT 10 Flexible

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