The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


Coldcard is a bitcoin hardware wallet developed by Coinkite. It’s uniquely designed to secure bitcoin transactions without necessarily connecting it directly to a personal computer or mobile device. It main features include: OLED light display, Pin security with anti-phishing words, 24 seed words (BIP39) feature (using TRNG, dice rolls or import existing secrets), export skeleton Wallet files for setup of Electrum or other desktop/ mobile wallets, back-up of seed and settings (by saving an encrypted 7z file), supports multi-sig, SegWit technology with Bech32 addresses, sign transactions for spending using PSBT (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions) files (BIP174) from standard complaint wallet, debug mode and firmware upgrade, third generation PCB- level hardware defense, MiTM protection in encrypting USB protocol , MicroSD slot and so much more.

ColdCard is a transparent, safe and commendable bitcoin hardware wallet. Users don’t need to connect the hardware directly to the Personal computer to make a transaction. However, the main disadvantage (which is also an advantage) is that it ONLY supports bitcoin. Another disadvantage is after 13 failed login attempts, COLDCARD built on “MK3 systems” will “BRICK THEMSELVES”. There is no way to reset or recover the device. However, if a user input the correct PIN within this period of 13 attempts, the counter resets to zero. In this view, users should keep their PIN secure

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The source code is available on github