The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


Bither is open source software for Personal computer, android and apple devices that support both hot and cold bitcoin wallet storage. It is a decentralized peer to peer network that does not require registration or login. A unique feature for this wallet is the preparation of unsigned transaction for watch only addresses and the signing of the wallet unsigned transactions. The cold and hot wallets operate on offline and online mode respectively. It has basic security features such as private key with password supports, automatic backup and recovery, and basic system notification service.

The major con about this wallet is that it does not all the use of TOR service, also Peers on the network can undoubtedly log your IP address and associate your payment transactions. Also, care should be taken when installing Bither on PC due to its malware vulnerability. Furthermore, it does not have dynamic fees.Hence users must wait for transaction to be confirmed in the blockchain with no priority option.

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