The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands

BITCOIN WALLET - BTC.COM wallet is a technical bitcoin wallet for totally securing, storing, sending and receiving bitcoin and bitcoin cash. It is basically owned by the world leading bitcoin mining manufacturer - Bitmain technologies. The wallet is available on website, apple and android versions respectively. The main features include 100% securing of wallets by private keys, dynamic transfer fees for faster transfer confirmation, master seed backup and 2FA security protection, Send bitcoin to your phone contacts directly without asking for their bitcoin address and 2/3 multi- signature wallet. This wallet allows users to use TOR services.

Basically, is an ideal wallet for every experience bitcoin user. However its major disadvantage is that user must rely on third party to have their wallet safe as it is owned by Bitmain technologies. Even though Bitmain technologies is an excellent brand with world class reputation and services, users must agree to their terms of service against all odds. Secondly, users must also register according to the standard know your customer (KYC) requirements. takes security to great length and checks users IP addresses. Various complaints have been made by users (on Google play feedback) which claim their IP address was blocked from accessing

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The source code is available on github