The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


This is exclusively a desktop wallet for only Bitcoin available in Windows, Mac and Linux Operating system. It is designed to operate on the Bitcoin network as a full node. The wallet can be used to send, receive and store bitcoin. The main features include: Pruning mode, a command line based daemon with JSON-RPC interface (bitcoind), regression test modes and bitcoin-cli program.

The major advantages of Bitcoin core wallet is 100% privacy (it also accepts use of TOR and PROXY),  complete transparency as a copy of the blockchain network  is downloaded on your PC, full control  over your wallet and money plus validation of transaction can be done by your bitcoin core wallet node. It also supports cold storage of bitcoin. To download Bitcoin Core wallet, please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for BITCOIN CORE WALLET ONLY

The major disadvantage of this wallet is that it consumes a lot of data usage as each bitcoin core wallets contributes in validating transactions in the bitcoin network. This wallet literally validates the entire blockchain and keeps record of all transacctions ever done either small or big. Also users should make sure that there is no malware on the installed wallet because it is absolutely vulnerable to it.

Minimum system requirements are: 512MB of memory, 200GB of Data storage, 250mb/day and 5GB/day download and upload, plus a good chipset operating on Windows, MAC or Linux OS