The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


BRD bitcoin is one of the easiest wallets to use as a beginner or expert user in the world of crypto. It uses the main device hardware to encrypt the bitcoin in the bitcoin network. No registration or signup is needed as the bitcoin is stored directly on the blockchain network. In this view, users are totally in control and responsible for their bitcoin. The application also have a built in exchange service where users can buy or sell bitcoin, ethereum and ERC20 tokens wth credit card, cash or other crypto currency. The BRD wallet is fully transparent as the source code is available for everyone to scrutinize and no third party is involved in transactions. It also comes with customer support service for no cost!

The major disadvantage of this wallet is that it doesn’t support use of TOR or PROXY service. Thus peers on the network may be able to monitor your transactions by associating It with an individual IP address.Furthermore, it is only available on apple and android mobile devices.

Click here to Install BRD wallet on Apple phone or Android phone

The source code is available on github