The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


OPENDIME is a bitcoin cold USB hardware wallet developed by Coinkite. It is a disposable USB bitcoin wallet with a strong security seal.It is similar to a piggy bank. Once it is broken, funds are moved to another location. Users stores bitcoin in opendime usb wallet. However, once users wants to access the funds stored, the user must break the seal of protection. Once broken, users must moved funds to another wallet or spend the accumulated funds stored. Its main features include private keys, total security provided by: anti-counterfeiting chip,unit certificate and actual serial number match check and a unique seal. Other features include Opendime Electrum Plugin, Basic QR code for receiving funds, USB adapter to Android phones/tables (USB OTG adapter cable required) and Apple iPads (camera kit USB adapter required) connections support.

OPENDIME is a unque, transparent and safe. Coinkite developed this wallet with the basic features for cold storage. It is also known as a bitcoin wallet piggy bank. For instance, there is no password nor seed phrase in case of resetting hardware. This means that the hardware is locked until physically unsealed . Opendime was built as a "disposable hardware wallets to be used as cash". Note that "You must destroy it to spend the funds". In this view, users who intend to use a more reliable cold storage wallet with all features by Coinkite are advised to use the COLDCARD wallet. As a result of this, we regard this to be a waste of resources even though it is relatively cheap.

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The source code is available on github

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