The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


Koinkeep is a bitcoin hardware and apple device wallet developed on open source tool known as gate keeper with the sole aim of sending, receiving and storing bitcoin (hot or cold storage). It is owned by KoinKeep LLC. It main features include a public key cryptography, two (2) factor authentication, AES_CBC encrypted storage, direct access SPV bitcoin wallet, nodes selection with white list nodes, built-in block explorer, fee and user tracking (optional), multi –sig and Bluetooth supports.

Koinkeep is relatively new compared to its predecessors in hardware wallets. It is completely transparent as the open source code is available for download and scrutiny by any person or developer. It is relatively cheap, durable reliable and can be trusted to keep bitcoin safe on cold storage. However, compared to its counterparts, its user privacy could be comprised by enabling some of the optional features. Nevertheless, users are guaranteed the safety of their bitcoin against all odds.

Gatekeeper is the open source code for Koinkeep.

Click here to view KOINKEEP on its website or download the free apple version

The source code is available on github