The choice of selecting a bitcoin wallet is now in your hands


Electrum is an awesome wallet for sending, receiving and storing bitcoin using electrum decentralized and redundant servers. This servers index the blockchain to make it faster. It provides private key encryption on device, secret phrase recovery tool, verification of transaction in history using SPV, Multisig services, Cold storage and add-on options for third party plug-in, dynamic transaction fees and the classic QR code. The wallet is literally equipped with the basic features for bitcoin users and allows the use of TOR services.

Electrum has been operational since 2011 and has proven to be a reliable, trusted, secure, transparent and verified bitcoin wallet. This wallet is a number one choice for old bitcoin enthusiast as you are guaranteed swift support service if the need arise.

Click here to Install ELECTRUM on Android phone or Personal Computer

The source code is available on github

Note that Electrum for PC is mainly targetted by malware attacters. HENCE IT IS BETTER TO DOWNLOAD ONLY ON ELECTRUM WEBSITE